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The Tritovores are a friendly race of Flies.

The Tritovores appeared on the planet of San Helios in the Scorpion Nebula. They were wanting to trade with San Helios until their ships systems stalled and they crashed into the sand. Sadly San Helios was gone the entire city was turned to sand thanks to the Stingrays. When the Tritovores saw the Number 200 Bus come through the Wormhole they took the Doctor and Lady Christina to well what was left of their ship. They spoke in a language which most people could't understand exept from the Doctor.

Their were 2 Tritovores called Sorvin and Praygat. The Doctor sent one of the Tritovores probes to the sand storm. The Tritovores realised that their engines didn't stall thery were hit by the sand storm which actually wasn't a storm. It was infact a race of metalic creatures known as Stingrays. When Christina went to the bottom of their ship to get something the Doctor needed she saw a Stingray sleeping. The Tritovores were shocked and eventually there time had come. The Doctor and Christina almost saved 1 of them but he stayed behind to try and kill the Stingray who ate his Captain. Unfortuantlly he got eaten as well by the Stingray.

The Tritovores wore flight suits which they wear, they carry around a weapon which in this case is a blaster gun, they have huge fly eyes, when they speak they make a sort of clicking noise and they were translators so that they can understand what other species are saying to them.

The Tritovores appeared in:

2009 Special: Planet of the Dead.