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Stike the Sontaran who refused to die

Group Marshal Stike comes from the planet Sontar with his mighty Sontaran race. The Sontarans are short, brutal and are clones. Stike invaded a battle station and took one of two Doctors which in this case was the Second Doctor. Stike had the help of his loyal Major Varl. Stike along with Varl, Dastari and some Angrogums went to Earth. They went to Spain and hid in a house in the middle of nowhere. Stike stole a prototype of a time machine from the battle station. An ex-Androgum Chessene used to Stike to kill everybody on the battle station so that she could frame the Time Lords.

When the other Doctor arrived on the battle station the Sixth Doctor and Peri they saw it was dark and it was cold. They were almost killed by a computer which tried to roast and freeze them. When they went to the main systems of the battle station the Doctor found an old friend Jamie McCrimmon who said he was there with his Doctor. Back on Earth Stike wanted to experiment on the Second Doctor as Stike wanted to go back to the Sontaran War against the Rutans which has lasted for over Ten Thousand Years. Stike wanted the Time Machine to work as he was getting impatient. When the Sixth Doctor and Jamie went to the house they took the Second Doctor and Jamie stabbed Stike in the leg with his dagger.

Stike didn't realise that Chessene was going to double cross him as Dastari led them to the cellar. This was where Chessene realsed Coronic Acid which is used for eating the Sontarans flesh. Stikes Major Varl was killed but Chessene didn't realise that Stike was still alive. Then after that the Sixth Doctor removed something from the Time Machine which Stike tried to use. It didn't work as it injured him even more. Again Stike still lived. After having 2 attempts on his life Stike went back to his pod to get away from Earth but he forgot he set the pod to self-destruct. When he activated it him and the pod were blown to pieces. This time Stike was dead and the Androgum only found one of Stike's legs.

He appeared in:

Season 22: The Two Doctors

A Fix With Sontarans