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These were the Classic Sontaran Warriors

The Classic Sontaran Leaders were Jingo Linx, Styre, Commander Stor and Stike.

The Sontarans are the Finest Fighting Soldiers in the Galaxy as they are Clones from the Planet of Sontar. They first appeared in Medevil Times with a Villainsous King as Sontaran Commander Linx was inspecting the Human Life the Planet of Earth. He wanted to wipe them out. But Later on the Doctor Stopped Linx by blowing him and his Ship Up.

Then in the Future the Humans gone from and Earth Styre tried Experiments on Human Aliens from Space. Most of them died or some of them lived. He had Robots Looking around the Area for Life. He told the Commander of the Fleet about the Human Aliens. Then later on when Styre tried to Leave, his Ship Blew Up and with him inside it.

Years Later they helped a Villainous Time Lord to take over Gallifrey and they tried to Kill the Doctor. Leader of

Styre 1.jpg

the Fleet Commander Stor tried to kill anybody who got in his way. But then he was stopped by the Doctor and Leela along with the Help the Time Lords and K-9 as they sent them back into Space as they had a War going on for Years against the Rutans. His Invasion force invaded Gallifrey and they were helped by a Time Lord. Commander Stor's Troops chased the Doctor all throught the Tardis until they never caught him. The Sontaran Troopers were killed shortly afterwards. Until Commander Stor was the last Sontaran left. Commander Stor was then killed. Then the Doctor left but Leela and K-9 stayed on Gallifrey where later on Leela married a Time Lord and she still had K-9.

Then they attacked a Space Station and took the Andragum Female and Male along with Dastary to Spanish Earth. The Leader of this Sontaran Plan was Stike. He had killed the Blind Woman of the House and took it over. He captured the 2nd Doctor and he wanted to build a Time Machine. When the Machine was ready he went in it but the Chessene Tricked him and his Major Varl into the cellar where she released Coronic Acid. This Acid feeds on Sontarans flesh so Varl was killed but Stike lived and he had Green Blood coming down his Body and Face. Then Later Stike went into the Time Machine which didn't work but he still managed to live. His last attempt was to leav Earth in his Sontaran Pod but he forgot he set it to self-destruct for the Doctor so instead Stike blew up along with his ship. Later on an Androgum found what was left of Stike his leg and thought he could maybe try and have a taste of it!


They have appeared in

Season 11: The Time Warrior

Season 12: The Sontaran Experiment

Season 15: The Invasion of Time

Season 22: The Two Doctors