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The new race of the Silurian Empire

These Silurians were Hibernating under the Earth for Thousands of Years until they were disturbed by a Huge Drill which almost destroyed their Home. The Silurians went up to the Surface and tried to make it Stop. They also took People like Amy, a Worker and his Son from Under the Ground through a Huge Hole.

When the Doctor went down he was caught by a Squad who weren't Hibernating but leaded by a Commanding Female. The Scientist got the King as she was about to kill the Humans and the Doctor, as the King didn't want to start a War. Later they were going to make the Humans and Silurians live together. But the Humans from abo

Silurians 1.jpg

ve took the Commanders Sister and the King couldn't believe it. The Doctor and the Humans had escaped with the Silurian King with them. They put a Poisonous Gas out in the Air so the Silurians went back to Hibernation. But the Commander Died and Shot Rory Williams. Then the Silurians were put to Hibernation for 1000 Years and then they will awake from their long sleep.

There were a couple of Silurians at the Pandorica because they teamed up with some of the Doctor’s worst enemies like Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans.

They appeared in Series 5: The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood and The Pandorica Opens.