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Max Capricorn should know because his name is Max

Max Capricorn comes from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt. His species is Stoan and Max Capricorn in now Cyborgs. The Doctor met Max on the SS Titanic a floating ship named after the greatest ship on Earth. Max Capricorn was booted out of his Cruise Lines. Max Capricorn got Captain Hardaker to let 3 meteorites crash into the ship. Hardaker did and killed lots of people and himself too. Max Capricorn hid and commanded his army of Heavenly Hosts to kill all surviving passengers The plan was to crash into Earth using the Titanic and kill everybody so that Max's old directors would go to Jail and he would be rich. Max has a gold tooth which doesn't just shine in the advert it also shines in real life.

So when the Titanic was crashing Max would hide in a blast-proof bunker in the ship. Max hid in Deck 31 which nobody knew what was down there. Then when he was about to kill the Doctor, Astrid Peth said she resigned as a waitress on the ship. So she drove a forklift truck and fought against Max until she lifted him up and made him fall into the engines. This was at a cost of her own life though but the Doctor was sad she did this and when Max was falling he yelled in Fear. His plan still almost worked until the Doctor stopped it saving Earth.

He appeared in Christmas Special 2007: Voyage of the Damned