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The little boy who got turned into a Chula Zombie

The Empty Child who used to be Jamie Nancy's Son. The Empty Child Wore a Gas Mask and said Are You My Mummy to anybody he saw even he almost got the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler. He was living in the City of London in the Blitz when Captain Jack Harkness's Nanogenes infected him so if he touched anybody they would become like him a Chula Zombie. When a lot of People were infected they were in Hospital but the Nurses and Doctors were infected too. The Nanogenes tried to heal him but they changed his Biology. His Mother was Nancy but Jamie had an Army of Chula Zombies who listened to him. All he wanted was to Reunite with his Mother by trying to Walk through the Streets of London in the Blitz German Bombing.In the end the Nanogenes were able to use Nancy and Jamie's DNA Together and Jamie along with Everybody else was Back to Normal.

He has appeared in Series 1: The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.

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