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The Dream Lord ia a dark evil Villain

The Dream Lord is a Psychic Pollen who was from the Doctor’s dark side that made the Doctor, Amy and Rory look to a real and non real world. He wasn’t the only monster there was also a species called Eknodines. He showed Amy a world where she married Rory, was pregnant and lived in upper Leadworth. The Dream Lord showed her the other world where the Tardis approached a Cold Star and froze them and it.

The Dream Lord dressed like the Doctor and also a Doctor, Butcher and a care home worker too. He tried to trick Amy and he almost did until in the fake world Rory died and was turned to dust. The Dream Lord is cunning, devious, smart, quick and great at tricking people. He is one of these villains who are like the Master or Lord President Rassilon but not as mad at them. The other enemy who was from the Doctor’s dark side was the Valeyard.

The Dream Lord made the Doctor and Rory freeze but not Amy as it was Amy’s Choice the biggest choice she will and would have made in her life. Amy then picked the freezing world and the Doctor woke up and steered them to safety. The Dream Lord was starting to fade and then vanished. Will the Dream Lord return or is he gone forever?