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These Daleks are tougher, bolder and stronger than the old ones.

These Daleks were created by the last 3 Ordinary Daleks.

These Daleks are called:

White is Supreme

Yellow is Eternal Blue is in charge of Strategy

Red is Drone or Worker

Orange is Scientist

Blue is Strategist

They tried to kill of the Human Race to Rule Earth for their New Dalek Empire. They had killed the last 3 Old

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Daleks and then they took over the Dalek Spaceships at the other side of the Moon. They almost destroyed London in World War 2 with Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. They also tried to destroy the whole World but the Doctor stopped them. The Doctor tricked them with a Jammy Dodger and said it was a Tardis Bomb. When they found out he fled back to Earth. They set off their droid Hero Scientist Professor Bracewell but the Doctor and Amy Pond saved the day. Then the Daleks fled and The Doctor lost them again. But it was either them destroyed or the whloe World so he obviously chose the World.

They later appeared at Stonehenge where the Pandorica was Teleporting in. They helped the Cybermen, Sontarans and many more of The Doctor's Fierce Enemies. Then they put The Doctor into the Pandorica because he would destroy the Entire Universe and Planets. Then Later every Monster and Creature in Space and Time was destroyed and at the Pandorica 3 Stone Daleks along with other Stone Species were Extinct. In the Museum there were 2 Stone Daleks and when Young Amelia Pond opened t

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he Pandorica the Light inside Activated a Stone Dalek. The Minutes Later it shot The Doctor but he survived. River Song then Destroyed it and it was just Dust left of it.

They have appeared in Series 5: Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang.