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The Cybershades act like animals like Cats and Dogs.

The Cybershades were made on Earth London in the Year 1851. The Last of Cybermen fell from the Sky and they were stranded on Earth. The Cybermen had enough Metal and some Crude Machinery which then the new breed of the Cyber Race the Cybershades were Born. In London there were at least 16 Cybershades on the Loose. They had Superhuman Strength and they could Climb or Scale up Walls and Leap from a Couple of Distances away. They Protected their Human Mistress Miss Mercy Hartigan. The 10th Doctor guessed that their Brains were more like Cats and Dogs as they behaved that way. At a Funeral where Miss Hartigan had told her Friends the Cybermen to come and they did with their Cybershades. Then 4 out of the 20 or so Men had lived. The Cybershades captured some of the Men and had given them to the Cybermen to be deleted.

A Cybershade's Head was made from some local Metal, their eyes contained Optical Scanners whcih relay Images to their Masters the Cybermen in their Workhouse Lair. Their Hands are made from Jointed Metal Gauntlets which they are Similar to Cyberhands. The Cybershades have Extra-Tough Grip so that they can Scale Sheer Surfaces. The Clock is connected to the Body and Inner Workings which they are shrouded by a Dark Mantle. 2 of the Cybershades had sat with Miss Hartigan now the Cyberking with 6 Cybermen guarding her. The Doctor had Broke the Connection and then it blew up killing the Cybemen, Miss Hartigan and the Cybershades.

They have appeared in 2008 Christmas Special: The Next Doctor.