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The Clockwork Robots dressed as French men and women

Story[edit | edit source]

The Clockwork Robots are Mechanical Androids who Invaded the SS Madame De Pompadour Spaceship and they Killed all of the Crew.

Their new ship was in pieces so they used parts from the Old Crew Members like a Heart Wired up or a Camera with an Eye in it. They had gone through a Fireplace which took them to 18th Century France. On their Ship it had suffered 82 Per Cent Systems Failure so they went to get Reinettes Brain to Wire it up to the Ship's Main Computer as the Ship said SS Madame De Pompadaur on it. They had Sneakiliy Dressed up as French Woman and Men but they had a Ticking Noise which gave them away. When the Doctor had visited Reinette when she was a Child as he heard a Ticking Noise but there was only 1 Clock in the Room but it was Broken so he checked under her bed and the Robot stood at the other side of the Bed. Then he took it back to the Spaceship and Froze up its Systems.

Gadgets[edit | edit source]

They can Transport to France using a Short Range Teleport which was on their Wrists. They had taken over the Madame De Pompadaurs House but the Doctor saved them as he broke through a Glass Mirror on a Horse named Arthur who was on the Ship as he found an Entrance. The Doctor had managed to Shut them Down but he was Trapped in 18th Century Earth. But then the Doctor found a Way out by using Reinette's Old Fireplace. Then a Sad Ending Happened when he went back Reinette had Died at the Age of 37 and she left a Note for The Doctor.

They have appeared in Series 2 10th Doctor: The Girl in the Fireplace

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