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Carrionites the species of Witches.

The Carrionites are Witches from the Planet of Rexel 4 in the Rexel System. There were only 3 Carrionites until they released the others. They were called Mother Doomfinger who could Kill People just by touching them, Mother Bloodtide who could fly and the Youngest Lilith who disguised herself as different People. She also killed them by using a Voodoo Doll with a Sample of Hair.

At the Dawn of the Universe the Carrionites Evolved into their 14-Part Star System in the Galaxy. This is what had developed their Word-Based Science. They were on Earth in 1599 when the Great Writer William Shakespeare was about because they wanted to kill the Human Race to make Earth a Carrionite World after what happened to theirs. They wanted to use Shakespeare's Long Lost but to them New Play of Love's Labour's Won. They wanted the Globe Theatre to be built in 14-Parts as for their Star System Galaxy, if the Earth was in Darkness then it would then be The Millennium of Blood would Start.

They have appeared in Series 3: The Shakespeare Code.