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The Vampires who were Venice Girls

The Calverri Girls were once ordinary Venice Girls until they joined Madame Calverri's Girl School. These girls got bitten on the neck and slowly transformed into Saturnyne (a species of fish and vampires). These Girls tried to make Amy into a Saturnyne and almost did until the Doctor stopped them.

Their mistress Madame Calverri is their leader along with her son Francesco. These girls have to wear umbrella's so that the sun doesn't hit them because if it does they will explode into lots of pieces. When Madame Calverri instructed them to kill the Doctor they found him in Guido's home (he sent his Doctor to this school and she was killed by Madame Calverri's Saturnyne). These girls were destroyed by Guido who sacrificed himself to save the Doctor. He set fire to his home and him along with the Calverri Girls were destroyed.

They have appeared in:

Series 5: The Vampires of Venice