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This Ice Lord wanted to go back to the old Ice Warrior ways

Commander Azaxyr was pretending to work with the Federation when he was actually workling with the Federations enemies Galaxy 5. He went to Peladon as he got a distress call from Alpha Centauri. He had the planet surrounded with his fleet as he now said that he contollred Peladon.

When the Doctor first saw him in the Refindery with another Ice Warrior as the Doctor knew something was up. Clearly Azaxyr was hiding in the refinery controlling the spirit of Aggedor. As he took command his Ice Warriors monitered the miners work as he needed the Trisillicate as he could dispatch it to Galaxy 5. In the tunnels his Ice Warriors were knocked out cold as of all the heat. But when a rebel tried to blow up the citadel Azaxyr put a self destruct button on the Federation weapon and killed the Rebel. When Queen Thalia tried to escape with her friend Ortron Azaxyr's Ice guard killed him and he took her as a prisoner.

When Azaxyr was in the Queen's chamber he told her he was an agent working for Galaxy 5 with Eckersley. Commander Azaxyr locked Sarah Jane and Alpha Centauri up and went to the refinery to kill some of thr rebels and guards. He killed them using an image of Aggedor but when he left the Doctor used it to kill his Ice Warriors. Then Azaxyr went to the Queen and held her hostage. When the Doctor and the rebels/guards went to Queen Azaxyr was going to shoot her unless they lowered their weapons. It backfired for him as his last Ice Warriors were killed and then he was stabbed and died. His friend Eckersley died too by Aggedor and then the Federation won the war against Galaxy 5.

He has appeared in:

Season 11: The Monster of Peladon