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Avatars are a creepy Race

Avatars are creature of changing as they lure you into the flat and drain all of the energy out of you. They used this energy to build a Tardis above a man called Craig Owens flat. The Doctor goes and stays with Craig after being left behind by Amy. He then does what Craig does eat, drink, TV, football and more food. Then the Doctor hears noises and goes upstairs to have a look at what on earth is going on.

Then him, Craig and Craig’s friend Sophie go up and see this big huge space with what appeared to look like a Tardis in the middle of it. There were skeletons around the place at least 3 or more. Then the Doctor defeats the Avatars with the help of Craig, then everybody gets out of the flat and then the Avatar spaceship which was the top of the flat vanishes. The Avatars were defeated and won’t come back again.