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  • The Abzorbaloff is a master of Abzorbing

The Abzorbaloff comes from the planet Clom the twin planet of Raxicoracofallapatorus. He uses a cane as his field hidden so that his absorbed victims don't absorb him. He disguised himself as a man named Mr. Victor Kennedy to join a group called LINDA. He said that he has a skin disease so he can't touch people. The Team of Linda was investigating all about the Doctor but Kennedy wanted to absorb him and he says his absorbed victims taste like chicken. He then left Bliss behind everybody else and he absorbed her. When the team members asked where Bliss is, Kennedy said that she is getting married. Then Bridget who lost her daughter was next to being absorbed. Kennedy told the team that she has moved away but Mr. Skinner and Bridget had a relationship so Mr. Skinner didn't believe she was gone. Then Elton and Ursula walked out but Kennedy said to Mr. Skinner he knows where Bridget is but then he absorbed Mr. Skinner.

Elton and Ursula ran back in and say that Kennedy's hands were green and had 3 claws. They also noticed his voice had changed. That's when Victor revealed himself and Elton kept coming up with names until he said Abzorbaloff. Ursula got the cane and was going to hit Victor but he tricked her and absorbed her too. When she was absorbed she said run Elton your next and then the Abzorbaloff jumped over his desk. Elton ran and ran but he ended up at a dead end. Victor was happy and was about to absorb him until the Tardis arrived. Rose knew that Elton upset her mother and Victor knew the Doctor. The Doctor did the same as Elton and came up with the name Abzorbaloff. Then Ursula and the team absorbed tried to absorb him. It didn't work until Elton broke the cane and then the Abzorbaloff was absorbed.


He appeared in Series 2: Love and Monsters